Chelsea Lemon - Taglietti Trays - Blackbutt & Dyed Veneers. Photo: courtesy of the artist

The Void: Reimagining Enrico Taglietti

The Void: Reimagining Enrico Taglietti, at the Craft ACT gallery, brought new perspectives and appreciation to Enrico’s beautiful and important work. Fifteen artists were invited to respond to, or reimagine, Enrico’s work. After receiving the blessing from Enrico to pursue this programming, the artists enjoyed an opportunity to meet with the architect to better understand his practice. The exhibition title arose from that briefing, when Enrico explained his work as designing voids. Enrico has described Canberra, when he first saw it in 1955, a the ‘perfect void’, a city unfettered by history and tradition, an ideal place to push boundaries and start anew.

View the e-catalogue here.