Parking for Modern Market

Friday, 21 November 2023

Parking for Modern Market

Coming to Modern Market tomorrow? Need a place to park?

There are many parking options available around New Acton which offer easy parking only a few minutes away! And we can reduce congestion around the market. So plan ahead and choose one of the four alternative car parks on offer!

  • Acton Park: Parking at Acton park off Commonwealth Avenue, about 5minutes’ walk to the Hotel Hotel Nishi Building, New Acton
  • London Cct: Parking at London Cct. Walk down Edinburgh Av, 6 minute walk
  • McCoy Circuit: Parking at ANU Car Park, McCoy Circuit car park, walking down Marcus Clarke St, 6 minute walk
  • Lennox Crossing: Parking at NMA, Car Park-Lennox Crossing, walking through Lawson Cr, 8 minute walk


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