Discreet heritage
Unveiling the everyday backdrop

We work in them, we walk by them, and we often unknowingly ignore them.  Our city is full of strong architectural experiments and ideas of past generations which capture how our city has grown and evolved.  Many of these buildings form a colourful canvas to our everyday environment which we know little or nothing about.


Join members of the Australian Institute of Architects Heritage Committee on a free city walking tour of numerous wonderful buildings where you will;

+ gain insights into how our city development;

+ see remnants of great ideas, now laid dormant;

+ see examples of pioneering and experimental ideas in built form; and

+ understand how the built environment can contribute to our cultural heritage.

Starting in Civic Square, the tour will wind through the city, stopping at various places to discover how they contribute to the heritage of the ACT.  Ending at the former Acton Hotel, participants can go on to the Shine Dome for Sunday Sessions.